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In compliance with the provisions of art. 22.2 of Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services (LSSI), from ROCKABILLY BURGER BAR informs you that for the correct navigation and use of this website requires the installation of cookies.

The purpose of the installation, and therefore data processing associated with the use of this technology is the configuration of technical security measures, personalisation, and basic operation of the web (technical cookies), as well as the analysis of the passage through the website of visitors and users (analytical cookies), the configuration and display of basic advertising (advertising cookies).

The term of conservation of the data collected by the cookies will be the indicated in the table that appears later in this same pulled apart. The term will count from the end of each session of the user on the website.

You can choose whether or not to consent to the installation of cookies, in the case of not accepting them, or blocking them, the page navigation may not be correct. Among the mistakes due to the non-installation of cookies, the error is found in the loading of multimedia content, the impossibility of entering the zone client or to configure the preferences of use of the page.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information about the user and are stored on their own device, be it PC, Tablet or mobile.

Who issues cookies and for what purpose?

Cookies are issued by a web page, in order to improve the user's browsing experience, as well as to perform analysis of their actions within the web. Cookies allow the web page that has issued them remember the choices and characteristics user navigation.

What types of cookies exist?

Cookies can be classified according to 3 criteria:

  • 1. Entity that manages them: If they are their own or from third parties.
  • 2. Period in which they remain active: Session or persistent cookies.
  • 3. According to their purpose.
    • a. Technical cookies. (no consent required)
    • b. Personalisation cookies.
    • c. Analysis cookies
    • d. Advertising cookies
    • e. Behavioral advertising cookies.

How do I manage cookies on my devices?

You choose whether or not to accept the installation of cookies in your devices. You can choose to directly block the installation of the cookies from your browser, as well as you can choose the installation of some and the erasure of others.

How to configure cookies according to your browser:

  • 1. Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings. For more information, you can consult the support of Microsoft or Browser Help.
  • 2. Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Custom settings. For more information, you can consult the Mozilla Support or Browser Help.
  • 3. Chrome: Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy -> Content settings. For more information, you can consult the Google support or browser Help.
  • 4. Safari: Preferences > Security. For more information, you can check Apple support or browser Help.
  • 5. Opera: Settings > Options > Advanced > For more information, you can refer to Opera support or browser Help.

*These settings may not be available on devices phones such as tablets or smartphones.

*If you use another browser different from the previous ones, consult their policy installation, use and blocking of cookies.

Cookies used on this website

The following is a list of the cookies used on this website. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Ajs_anonymous_id, ajs_user_id - Technical cookies to be able to generate the single user session. Expiration: the session
  • Rockabillysite - Cookie to control if the warning notice has been read. cookies. Expiration: 1 year

Cookies in social networks and Internet services

Likewise, you must bear in mind that third-party cookies will be installed all visitors to the following platforms on which ROCKABILLY BURGER BAR has a company page and/or profile:

Updating the cookie policy and use of other cookies.

With technological evolution, the use of different cookies is very possible, so in case of implementing the use of cookies that affect your privacy in ways other than those you have previously authorised, we will inform you and request your consent.

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