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This privacy policy has been prepared by Rockabilly Burger Bar, in compliance with the principles of information and transparency established in EU Regulation 2016/679, General of Data Protection, hereinafter RGPD, and in Organic Law 3/2018 of Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, in forward LOPD.

In keeping with this policy of active compliance, and in order to guarantee your right to data protection, Rockabilly Burger Bar informs the interested party of the following information:

1.-Identification of the data controller

The person responsible for processing the personal data that may be collected through the means of contact made available to you at this website is Grupo Rockabilly, S.L., with NIF. B76084888, and with address at Calle Gran Canaria, 1 – 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain. You can contact us by mail at

2.-Purposes of data processing

Rockabilly Burger Bar treats data lawfully, fairly and transparently; limiting the processing of data, for the purposes strictly necessary that motivated its collection, and stores them exclusively during the right time to achieve said purposes, or of its associated legitimate interest.

2.1. Personal data processed within the scope of the website

The personal data that you provide to Rockabilly Burger Bar through this website, or any of the means of contact that puts your disposition, may be treated with the purpose that corresponds to the why you provided them.

To comply with the requirements of the principle of transparency, “it is will facilitate in a transparent, concise, clear, intelligible and easy way access” collected in art. 12 of the RGPD, we have grouped the information, by type of interested, so that in a single glance they can know the purposes and legal bases of the treatment, as well as the terms of conservation and recipients of the data.

Thus, the data provided by:

The data provided by Users and web visitors, may be processed for the following purposes:

Manage your requests for information.

Description: manage requests for information, as well as for answer any queries that may be sent to us.

Legal basis: consent of the interested party, art. 6.1.a. GDPR.

Conservation: the data will be used exclusively to answer the raised queries, later they will be eliminated. The term of elimination will be a maximum of 6 months after the last contact with the Requesting user.

Recipients: your data will not be transferred to third parties except obligation legal.

The data provided by Users registered in the newsletter, may be processed for the following purposes:

Purpose. send you information about activities, events and other information of interest about Rockabilly Burger Bar, for different means of contact, including electronic, SMS, MMS, Mail, apps.

Legal basis. Consent of the interested party, collection in article 6.1 of the RGPD.

Conservation periods. Until the user requests your withdrawal from the newsletter or information delivery service.

Recipients. Your data will not be communicated to third parties except legal obligation.

The data provided by customers, buyers, consumers may be processed for the following purposes:

Purposes. manage your reservation requests and the carrying out the related actions (checking the identity of the cardholder, validity of the card or means of payment; apply for bank pre-authorisation; manage the collection of services requested in accordance with the terms and conditions of Rockabilly Burger Pub; manage your registration as a customer and the provision of services hired, as well as for the development and maintenance of the relationship contract that could be established.

Legal basis. The execution of a contract or the application of pre-contractual measures, included in article 6.1.b. GDPR.

Conservation periods. The data of legal persons will be kept indefinitely. The data of the interested parties because they are natural persons, or because they are contact persons of a legal entity, will be kept for as long as required in terms of civil responsibilities, compliance with obligations before the public administration, in commercial matters, banking, corporate, financial and tax.

Recipients. essential third parties for the management of the contractual relationship. Banks and savings banks, insurance, experts, and others related to the services you request from us, and for which is mandatory in the midst of said provision, provide your data. As well as to the bodies of the competent Public Administration, whether national or for the fulfillment of the legal obligations of Rockabilly Burger Bar.

The data provided by participants in contests and sweepstakes may be processed for the following purposes:

Purpose: manage participation in events, activities and contests held by Rockabilly Burger Bar. If the activity has its own conditions of participation, in such case the treatment of said data will be subject to its content specific.

Legal basis: application of measures pre-contractual, art. 6.1.b. GDPR.

Conservation: during the time required by the current legislation, to purge the possible responsibilities in civil, financial and tax matters.

Recipients: Your data will not be communicated to third parties except legal obligation.

2.2. Personal data processed in documents or forms that redirect to the web page. 

Recipients of forms or documents that redirect you to the Extended information on this website.

The personal data collected in the different documents that redirect to the extended information present on this website may be treated with the purpose of (depending on the document):


Purpose: manage your job application, and take you into account in the personnel selection processes.

Legal basis: consent of the interested party, art. 6.1.a. GDPR.

Conservation: your data will be kept for a maximum of 2 years.

Recipients: your data will not be transferred to third parties except obligation legal.

Authorisation to capture and publish images.

Purpose: capture images of the signatory or his represented, as well as its publication in social networks, web pages, and other means of communication, on the occasion of the dissemination of Rockabilly activities Burger Bar, as well as its products.

Legal basis: consent of the interested party, art. 6.1.a. GDPR.

Conservation: until you request the removal of the content published.

Recipients: the captured images will be published on the website and on the various Rockabilly Burger Bar social media profiles.

International transfer of data to the US in relation to the decision to the Commission regarding the approval of the EU-US PrivacyShield agreement. For the use of social networks, more information in section 5 of this Privacy Policy.

Information requests.

Purpose: Attend and manage your request and/or query, carry out studies and/or statistics, and send you information about events, activities and promotions  Rockabilly Burger Bar, through different means of communication, including electronic ones.

Legal basis: Consent of the interested party, art. 6.1.a. GDPR in the case of requests for information. In the case of sending commercial communications, is legitimised by the legitimate interest of the responsible collected in article 21.2 of the LSSI 34/2002.

Conservation: data derived from requests for information will be used exclusively to answer your queries and they will be deleted later. In the case of sending advertising, until you request to unsubscribe from the information delivery service.

Recipients: the data will not be communicated to third parties except legal obligation.

Registration to events, contests or activities

Purpose: manage the registration request, as well as the tasks administrative and communication related to it. Manage participation in the course or event, attendance, and delivery of certificates and other associated documents.

Legal basis: application of pre-contractual measures, art. 6.1.b. GDPR.

Conservation the data will be treated on the occasion of the provision of the service, and the fulfillment of the obligations of the Rockabilly Burger Bar. Then they will be kept until the end of the legal deadlines in force, associated with tax and financial regulations, as well as that applicable specifically to Rockabilly Burger Bar.

Recipients: your data will not be communicated to third parties unless legal obligation.

Registration in mailing

Purpose: respond to punctual requests for information, via mail electronic or telephone; sign you up for the distribution list Rockabilly Burger Bar information (if so checked by applicant) corresponding box)

Legal basis: can be, as appropriate:

(1) your consent in case you have given it through any of our contact forms, or through registration in the newsletter through the website.

(2) In the case of Rockabilly Burger Bar customers, sending information advertising is legitimised by the legitimate interest of the person in charge collected in article 21.2 of the LSSI 34/2002.

Conservation: the data will be kept for the purpose before mentioned until you request its deletion, or unsubscribe from the service of advertising information.

Recipients: your data will not be communicated to third parties unless legal obligation.


3.-Third party data.

If during your communications with Rockabilly Burger Bar you provide data of third parties, we inform you that:

You can only provide us with data from third parties, if you have the their express consent.

By sending us data from third parties, you expressly state that you have the aforementioned consent, or that you have with the legal capacity to express for them, said consent.

All the people about whom you send us data must know the contents of this section. You represent that you have informed them and disclosed its content.

Rockabilly Burger Bar is not responsible if the user completes forms or applications without complying with the previous points.


5.-International data transfers.

Rockabilly Burger Bar uses online services that involve the international transfer of data to countries outside the European Union. It is an action that is carried out in the day to day of any company or person who uses social networks, or applications in the cloud, emails of the big technology companies, etc.

We report it because it is mandatory, and because each interested party has right to know where your data is located.

Social networks: by giving consent to publish your personal data on the profiles of social networks in which that Rockabilly Burger Bar has corporate profiles, you authorise the realisation of the international transfer of data to the USA. You We recommend visiting the privacy sections of the different networks mentioned in the consents





This consent can be revoked at any time.

The above international data transfers are made under the authorisation of the US-European Union Privacy Shield agreement. Plus information:


6.-Data security

Rockabilly Burger Bar, has put the security measures, techniques and organisational, necessary to maintain the security of the data personal information that it treats through this website, and in general in its organisation. Security measures have been implemented as a result of the results of the corresponding risk assessment to the principles of safety and active responsibility required by the GDPR.

Exercise of data protection rights

Consent and revocation. The interested party may revoke the consents given, at any time, without affects the legality of data processing during the period effective, prior, of said authorisation.

Rights of access, rectification and deletion. The The interested party may request the exercise of their rights of access to the data, rectification or deletion at any time, with the term limitations established in the RGPD.

Right to limitation, opposition and portability. These rights may be exercised in certain cases in which their nature are applicable.

The exercise of the relative rights recognised by the RGPD is personal and non-transferable, the holder must prove his identity by means of a legally valid document, and fill in the application form corresponding request. The forms can be requested through of the means of contact made available to you by Rockabilly Burger Bar, or download them from the website of the Control Authority Spanish

The request should be forwarded to Rockabilly Burger Bar at, or to the contact address indicated at beginning of this document. Your request will be resolved within a period not greater than 30 days.

Claim before the control authority

If upon receiving Rockabilly Burger Bar's response, you believe that the exercise of their rights has not been properly addressed by our company, you can file a claim with the Agency Spanish Data Protection Authority, or before the Data Control Authority Corresponding check.

Changes and updates

Rockabilly Burger Bar is committed to respecting the right of protection of personal data, of its users, visitors and guests. For this reason, in case of making any modification that affects your rights, we will inform you prior to the entry into force of the same.


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